Let's roll the Reel!
Win valuable resources in the roller: Gold to improve your ship, Fuel to participate in the regatta and various items to attack rivals and defend your ship.

Intriguing quests are available in roller to accumulate valuable resources: from gold to defensive items! Each subsequent quest is more exciting than the previous one, so plunge into the atmosphere of holiday and luxury wealth.

Stand out by styling your ship and fight for the main prize in the regatta — a unique super fast ship!
Furnish cabins with style!
Your ship is a huge floating hotel. Tidy it step by step — bring every cabin to perfection! Your captain will cry with delight, since he got this ship a completely battered.

Furnish the cabins of your ship with interiors of different epochs: from Classics to Provence. All 5 floors of this floating vessel are at your disposal. Become a real interior designer, follow from simple to complex, from humble to luxurious!

Participate in real-time Regatta across North America!
Travel to iconic locations in North America and participate in weekly real-time competition. The result of each stage of the regatta affects your overall rating in the league.

The best compete with the best, each player will get worthy rivals in the fight for precious resources! You'll face severe weather conditions and pleasant surprises of big water on your way to success! Act quickly, act in cold blood and victory will be in your hands.

Attack rivals and take revenge!
In a pursuit for prizes you can use bombs that cause great damage to the cabins or the main power source — the ship's engine! Choose what is more important and play to the fullest.

Do not forget about plans of your ruthless opponents. They will be watching your moves and attack when you least expect it.
Rob the richest — trouble competitors!
While assaulting your rivals ship you can rob its respectable guests. Choose the richest, clean out their pockets and improve your ship instantly.

But be careful — your guests also can be cunningly robbed. The only way to be safe is to be always alert.
Uprade your ship the way you want!
Get your own boat and carefully upgrade it to fit your needs. Turn your ship into the hotel of your dreams and be the fastest in the race.

Should you focus on stylish cabins or powerful engine? It's your choice to make!

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